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14 May 2014 - 03:47:33 am

Has anyone here read "If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him!" what did you think, and is it worth the read?

if we have a concept to be enlightened and strive for it, we got to kill it.

buddha means awakened one.

whatever we strive for spiritually we have to kill.


because we already have buddha nature ( the awakened nature ) within, and all we have to do is observe and allow.

people for instance try hard to let go of attachments ( one of the suffering aggregates). But as long as we try to let go of attachment we are attached to the idea of letting go.

buddha taught that in order to drop attachments and part of suffering we have to allow.

so,.....every time we suffer we look if this suffering was part of desire, attachment or belief in permanence.

we just allow it, and say "ah ha, I see". There is neither scolding for it, nor clapping in your hands that you saw it.

see it, doesn't stop suffering, however the longer we observe the more the Finchley Aggregates ego can't get us into the groove of suffering.

so I am trying to say that if people

strive to be enlightened through "concepts" >>>kill it.

just allow..... in presence....and be observant.

if you have questions let me know.

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